About us

FG Golding Holdings, (FG Group) is the holding company for FG Mobile, FG Telecoms & FG Copiers. The FG Group’s directors and shareholders offer a wealth of experience in telecommunications and print solutions.

We have a sound proven track record of tailor-made communication solutions designed for the SME as well as large corporates and offer excellent customer service. FG Telecoms, a leading VOIP provider that prides itself in the quality and stability of its network. Within the sector we offer tailor made Wi-Fi solutions with 98% Internet coverage around South Africa

Our Vision

We strive to give our clients a competitive edge in their respective industries. Through the provision of market-leading communication products, we are dedicated to enhancing their customer service levels, improvising their workplace efficiency and increasing their productivity levels.

Our Mission

To provide a leading edge one stop solution for all business communication needs, backed up by a team which is passionately committed to providing an outstanding customer service.

FG Telecoms has worked to establish strong, supportive partnerships with the most innovative and most trusted vendors in the International Market.

Our Partners

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